Dar Dahab Assalah Beach

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Welcome To Dar Dahab, Egypt

Dar Dahab rests harmoniously within its exquisite natural environment. Located directly on Dahab's Assalah beach, the sights and sounds of the dancing waves a delightful and constant feature, Dar Dahab is a perfect meeting of utility and style.

The tones and materials used inside the building resonate harmoniously with the natural landscape. Palm furniture from local trees features throughout. Salt brick from Siwa, possessing many health benefits, makes up the bed bases and feature walls. Lamps are crafted from local henna. Some walls are made from local earth.

Dar Dahab has a pleasing aesthetic effect making for a satisfying and sensory stay. The swiss architect uses shape and space to create a light and simple style which reflects effortless beauty and easy practicality.

‘Dar’ means home in Arabic and we know that you will feel at home here in many important and powerful ways.